Premium Voice

Monetize content by enabling customers to pay with a simple SMS.

Connect your Premium Voice service easily.

Premium Voice (also called Premium IVR) is a payment method that requires making a phone call to a premium number to purchase desired content or service. Payments can be charged on a pay-per-call, a pay-per-minute basis, or the combination of the two.

Complete IVR

Solutions tailored to your business goals and needs.

Coverage &

Wide coverage and a pool of numbers immediately ready to use.


Pay-per call, pay-per minute, or the combination of both.

The benefits of using IVR

Where can you use Premium Voice?

  • Interactive media

    Voting, quizzes

  • Support

    Customer support, technical support

  • Entertainment

    Games, adult entertainment, astrological services, etc.

  • Consultancy

    Financial, medical, insurance, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Premium numbers most commonly used for?

Premium numbers are most commonly used for content and services like voting, entertainment shows, competitions (the globally popular TV show The Voice is a combination of all three), games, micropayments on websites and other services which feature paid calls.

How can I get started with Premium Voice?

Contact our Sales team and provide info about the content or services you would like to launch, which type of billing you are interested in (pay-per-call, or pay-per-minute), and which countries are you interested in.

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