Physical Goods

Monetize content by enabling customers to pay with a simple SMS.

Elevate the sales of physical goods by enabling SMS payments

This mobile payment method is one of the most popular in the world, because all it takes is to send and receive an SMS text message – a feature supported by every mobile phone.


Access to all markets through single API


Safe payments and customer protection based on EU directive


Various pricing models based on your needs


Reliable and authorized partner for your payments

Elevate the sales of physical goods by enabling SMS payments

Who it it for?

  • Webshop

    Grow your sales by letting customers use the same device to shop and make payments

  • Vending Machines

    Enable customers to get products without the need for cash

  • Physical Stores

    Improve customer satisfaction with speedy checkout process options

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any special requirements for accepting mobile payments?

Sometimes there are special requirements depending on the type of the physical good and country you wish to sell the product in.

How do I start with SMS payments?

Contact our sales team and they will provide you with the information according to your size, product or service type, and country conditions.

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