Payment Widget

Accept mobile payments for mobile games and digital content.

Integrate your Payment Widget easily.

Payment Widget is our simple turn-key payment solution for merchants, service & content providers who don’t have the necessary technical abilities, or don’t want to go through a long service approval process. It’s direct, safe, and doesn’t require registration, or credit card information from the end user.


Simple integration ensures the quickest time to market.


Get instant approval for your services with our pre-approved keywords.


Get expert advice on local markets and expand your reach around the world.

The benefits of the Payment Widget

What can the Payment Widget be used for

  • Mobile Apps & Games

  • Online games

  • Cloud services

  • Social Networking & Dating

  • Desktop games & Software

  • App Stores

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Payment Widget work?

A ready-made SDK widget is integrated to your website or mobile app. It can be customized to what you need, and you can choose the optimal payment confirmation mechanism.

Who can benefit the most from the Payment Widget?

Merchants, service and content providers, as well as end users. It's especially suitable for those who don’t want to invest further in technical realization or lack the technical abilities.

Where is Payment Widget most commonly used?

Payment Widget is most commonly used for billing in the entertainment industry (online games, streaming services), in e-commerce, for in-app purchases, ticketing, etc., but it can be used for selling and purchasing any digital product, or physical goods.

How can I get started with the Payment Widget?

Contact our Sales team and provide info about the content or services you would like to launch, which type of billing you are interested in (one-time purchases, or subscriptions), which countries are you interested in, etc.

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