Direct Carrier Billing

Enable end users to purchase within a click, and pay with their mobile phone bills.

Connect your Direct Carrier Billing service easily.

Direct Carrier Billing (or Direct Operator Billing) is a fast, simple, and secure mobile payment method that allows end users to buy both digital and physical goods & services with their active mobile subscription. Payments are completed over mobile internet or Wi-Fi and charged to users’ monthly phone bill. All the end user needs is an active SIM card. Carrier Billing is a secure payment option as it doesn’t require entering credit card information, or registering for a site to complete a transaction.


Access all markets from a single API.


Connect your service easily in a matter of days.


Get firsthand information on local markets and professional support and expand your reach to new markets worldwide.

The benefits of Direct Carrier Billing

End-user flow example

Press the button to select "Pay by phone"


Users select the content they wish to purchase

Confirm your purchase of the game. You will be charged €0.99


Select Direct Carrier Billing as payment method

Thank you for your purchase.


Complete purchase over mobile internet or Wi-Fi

Thank you for purchasing this game. You were charged €0.99

Receive confirmation receipt in an SMS message

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Direct Carrier Billing most commonly used?

Direct Carrier Billing is most commonly used for billing in the entertainment industry (online games, streaming services), in e-commerce, for OTT platforms, physical goods, ticketing, etc, but it can be used for selling and purchasing any digital product.

Who can benefit the most from Direct Carrier Billing?

Service/content providers, MNOs as well as end users, because of its simple and fast payment flow.

How can I get started with Direct Carrier Billing?

Contact our Sales team and provide info about the content or services you would like to launch, which type of billing you are interested in (one-time purchases, or subscriptions), which countries are you interested in, etc.

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