Test mobile payments and other mobile services in any country, just like an end user.

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Test on real SIM cards worldwide

Our unique remote testing platform called SIMTEST allows you to verify the performance for a wide range of mobile services, using real SIM cards placed in each country. It enables you to test the flow of mobile payments just like a mobile user, or test any other service on a mobile network to ensure a flawless user experience.

What can you test?

Direct Carrier Billing

With the global accessibility of mobile services, people around the world can purchase your products or services. However, capturing the real end user experience can be difficult without you being where they are. Using SIMTEST, you can control the flow and execution of Direct Carrier Billing by remotely testing on real SIM cards worldwide.

Learn more about testing DCB on simtest.it.

testing premium sms

Premium SMS

Any business that uses Premium SMS to charge for content or service internationally is at risk to lose money if the payment flow is left unchecked. Implement comprehensive testing and you will be sure that investments in your international services and campaigns will not be money thrown down the drain. With our real time billing test based on prepaid SIM cards, you’ll know immediately whether the billing has been carried out.

Learn more about testing Premium SMS on simtest.it.

testing browsing

Mobile Internet Browsing

Test how your website looks and works when browsing from local mobile networks. Use our service to check website layout and behavior, and test browsing speed over 3G or 4G LTE connections. You can test the browsing on any of the 240+ available operators in over 75 countries, and verify its behavior regarding screen size and orientation. You can also test if your website is mobile friendly or not, as well as if the content is correctly displayed to mobile users worldwide.

Learn more about testing mobile browsing on simtest.it.

testing voice responses

Voice & IVR Services

Assure flawless customer experience by testing the entire flow of your IVR prompts with our unique international voice testing platform. Experience your own system as a customer from any of the countries around the world. Make calls to premium, freephone, or geographic phone numbers from different countries and get instant and reliable results.

Learn more about testing Voice services on simtest.it.

testing a2p sms messaging


You can test if your messages are being delivered on time in every country and with every operator. Test A2P SMS Delivery, P2P SMS Delivery, 2-Way Numbers and MO SMS. Besides providing you with a fake DLR receipt detection, our platform allows you to monitor a wide range of parameters such as concatenation, latency, portability, SMSC that was used for message delivery and content integrity.

Learn more about testing A2P SMS on simtest.it.

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