Premium SMS

Monetize content, goods and services by enabling customers to pay with a simple SMS.

What is Premium SMS and how does it work?

Premium SMS is one of the simplest and most widely available payment methods, because all it takes is to send and receive an SMS message – a feature supported by every mobile phone. Customers send a text message to a premium-rated short code, after which the purchase amount is charged to their mobile phone bill.

Single API Connection

Access all markets from a single API.

PSD2 Compliant

Accept SMS payments for physical goods in the EU.

Global Coverage

Launch Premium SMS payments globally.

The benefits of Premium SMS

Use cases for Premium SMS

Interactive Services

Accept SMS payments for interactive media services, voting and donations.

In-App Payments

Enable mobile app users to pay for in-app content with Premium SMS.


Enable ticket purchases for transportation or events with Premium SMS.

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FAQ about Premium SMS

What is a Premium SMS short code?

Short codes, or short numbers, are short digit sequences (3-7 digits sequences) that are used to send and receive SMS messages. They're shorter than telephone numbers and therefore easy to remember. They're pre-approved by carriers and have a higher delivery rate. This number consists of 3-7 digits and charges a premium price to the end user per sent SMS. The purchase amount is deducted from the end users’ phone bill.

How is Premium SMS different from Direct Carrier Billing?

The difference is that in a Premium SMS flow users can complete payments by sending an SMS message to a short code. After that, the price amount will be charged to their mobile operator bill. In a Direct Carrier Billing flow, payments are completed over mobile internet or WiFi. The flow itself varies depending on the regulations which apply to mobile operators in the country where such payments are available.

What does MO and MT billing mean in a Premium SMS flow?

Mobile Originated (MO) SMS is a text message which end users send from their mobile phone. For example, an MO SMS would be “DESSERT” - a keyword which a customer sends to a short code number. MO billing refers to the charge that is made when the user sends SMS message to a service provider. On the other hand, Mobile Terminated (MT) billing refers to the charge that is made when the user receives an MT SMS message from a service provider.

What do I need to launch Premium SMS payments?

Contact us and provide info about the content or services you would like to launch, which type of billing you are interested in (one-time purchases, or subscriptions) and which countries are you interested in.

Why choose us as your Premium SMS payment provider?

Our goal is to make sure you get the most complete payment service on the market. By choosing us, you get unbeatable technical support backed by over two decades of industry experience, with deep knowledge of local markets and regulations acquired over the years.

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